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WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Les Hauts de Hurlevent) 

WUTHERING HEIGHTS (Les Hauts de Hurlevent) after Emily Brontë (complete recording 2008-9 in Valencia au Palau de Las Artes, Olga Peretyatko, etc)
Single recording : « Vocalise » , Diana Damrau in « Diana Forever » (Warner Music)


LA MORTE AMOUREUSE (or « CLARIMONDE) after Théophile Gautier
((World premieres at the Festival of the Voices, Phoenicia, New York, and Public Theatre, Cleveland,
July- November 2014)

Video: Aria of Clarimonde (Keren Hadar, Tel-Aviv Opera, 2011)

AVATAR after Théophile Gautier (2015-16)

ALEXANDRA DAVID-NEEL, (2016) Opera in 1 act and 7 scenes

AIR of MARIA WALEWSKA from « NAPOLEON » (work in progress)

Recorded for « Genuine » by Cornelia Ptassek and Nationaltheater of Mannheim, 2006



(comissioned by Placido Domingo, Premier scheduled for October 2020, Valencia, Los Angeles

video / Duo Dantès Mercédès / Air d'Haydée (en duo avec Dantès)/ Air d'Edmond Dantès


10 Melodies for Mezzo-Soprano after Robert Frost

Piano and voice, or Orchestra and Voice

(world premier, Jerusalem Symphony and Jennifer Holloway,

December 2012)

1. The Investment
2. Nothing Gold Can Stay
3. A Peck Of Gold
4. A Prayer in Spring
5. Love And a Question
6. The Oven Bird
7. A Minor Bird
8. A Line-Storm Song
9. The Secret Sits
10. To The Thawing Wind  

10 Melodies for Baryton after Robert Frost

 (World premier, Jerusalem Symphony and Jonnthan Michie,

December 2015)

1. After Apple Picking
2. Nothing Gold Can Stay
3. A Prayer In Spring
4. Choose Something Like a Star
5. Looking for a Sunset Bird in Winter
6. The Bearer of Evil Tidings
7. Fire and Ice
8. On a Bird Singing in its Sleep
9. The Road Not Taken
10. Brown’s Descent

8 Melodies for Soprano after Robert Frost

(World premier, Jerusalem Symphony and Jennifer Frost December 2015)

1. A Cloud Shadow
2. Never Again Would Birds Song Be The same
3. October
4. Revelation
5. Sitting By A Bush
6. In Hardwood Groves
7. Wind and Window Flower
8. To Eathward

9 Melodies for Soprano after Aymé Césaire

1. Soleil et Eau
2. Nocturne
3. Une Tempête
4. Aguacero
5. Oiseaux
6. Tam-Tam
7. Carte du Pollen
8. Prophétie
Néant de Nuit

7 Melodies for Soprano after Jean Cocteau

(World Premier at the Hattonchatel Festival, France, Julie Cherrier, 2018)

1. Je Suis Seule au Monde
2. Chanson pour Elle
3. Chansonette
4. Valse Longoureuse
5. Paroles
6. Lit de Noces
Beaux Amants

2 poems after Robert Desnos

1. A la mystérieuse
2. Si tu savais

1 poem after Jacques Prévert

 Sables Mouvants


Wuthering Heights Ouverture: 

(Short version, world premiere, Oslo April 2008 for the inauguration of the new Opera House.

Extended version, World Premier at the Teatro Comunale di Bologna, April 2011)

Gipsy Dance for Orchestra Alone

(World Premiere, Teatro Colon de Buenos-Aires, April 2011) 


Choral Suite from « Wuthering Heights » for Orchestra,

Mixed Choir and Baryton
(World Premier in October 2010 At the National Radio of Slovenia, Lybljana Philarmonic Orchestra and Chorus, Jonnathan Michie, Barytone)

« Ode to Peace » for Choir and Orchestra,

World Premiere at UNESCO, Paris, en January 2015


« 4 minutes sonata » for violin and piano

(World Premier for the TV Show « intermezzo », , Tel –Aviv, 2013)

Sonate for Violin and Piano (2016)

Gipsy Dance for Violin and Piano (World Premiere at the Jerusalem Music Center, Janna Gontarenko, July 2015)

Gispy Dance for Violin and Orchestra

(World Premiere in Buenos Aires, August 2015, Janna Gontarenko, Symphonic Orchestra of Brazil)

« Prayer » for Cello and Orchestra

(World Premiere at the Jerusalem Symphony, Henri Demarquette, 2015)


Ouverture, Aria of « Jules César », duo of « Astérix and Obélix » for the show « Le Tour de Gaule d’Astérix »

, World Premiere at Théâtre des Champs-Elysées, October 2009

« La Descente aux Plaisirs »

, after a play by Jean-Pierre Coffe, 6 melodies for a cabaret show.


« Suite Chagall» after Nobert Glanzbergs « Suite Yiddish »

for 2 pianos (Salabert). 

World Premiere in Metz, Orchestre National de Lorraine, Mars 2000.

3ème sonate for violin and piano by Georges Enescu.

Orchestrated for Chamber Orchestra
World Premiere with the Jerusalem Symphony, February 2017


« One Slight Chance » for Elodie Ruillier

(Published under Mistiroux Productions, 2009)

« Diva Dance »

for the movie « The 5th Element » by Luc Besson