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Throughout his activities as composer, conductor, pianist or author, Frédéric Chaslin has always been searching for new ways to experience music. His latest compositions are building a bridge between classical opera and musical comedy. His reconstruction of Mahler 10th symphony is bringing to the symphonic repertoire a piece similar to Offenbach’s unfinished “Tales of Hoffmann”. In his exploration of the traditional repertoire, Chaslin likes to compare himself to a Chef: bringing older tastes into a new dish. We hope you enjoy your visit and we wish you Bon Appétit…

“Frédéric Chaslin led a lithe, aptly paced reading of the score and vividly illuminated the rapidly changing character of the music, from its moments of jaunty cheer to its sweepingly lyrical climaxes”
​The New York Times

“Simply genius, what first class conductor Frederic Chaslin gets from the VIenna State Opera orchestra”
Der Wiener Standart

January 4, 5

Lisbon, Gulbenkian Fondation
New Year's concerts

January 6-10

Bologna Teatro Comunale
SONY recording with

January 12-20

Israel Philharmonic Orchestra
Concerts on Tour


Sony, Aleksandra Kurzak, Vienna (april)


Wiener Staatsoper, André Chénier (January 6-15)

Bergen, Werther, New Production (March 16-22)

Paris, Manon, concert version, Theatre des Champs-Elysees, Juan-Diego Flores (April 6)

Savonlinna Festival, Barbiere di Seviglia (July)

Orange Festival, Don Giovanni (August)

Wiener Staatsoper, Tales of Hoffmann (September) Werther (October)

Opera National de Lorraine, Nancy, Sigurd (concert version for the 100th anniversary of the Opera, October)

Bologan, Teatro Comunale, Cavalleria, Pagliacci (november-deceomber)


Jerusalem Symphony , (February, May)

Würth Philharmoniker (March)

Bologna teatro Comunale (April)


May 3, Los Angeles Opera, workshop of the full version with the

young artists program.

With his latest opera Monte-Cristo, Frédéric Chaslin achieves a genuine crossover work, building a bridge between Opera and Musical Comedy, the world of the greatest voices and the world of popular entertainment, in the best romantic tradition. Monte-Cristo’s revanche is operating through the power of Classical Music, Jazz and Pop. Arias that you will never forget, breath-taking dramatic scenes... He’s back!    book.

Avec Monte-Cristo, Frédéric Chaslin crée un véritable ouvrage crossover entre le monde de l’opéra et la comédie musicale. Un pont entre deux mondes, celui des grandes voix lyriques et celui du spectacle populaire, dans la grande tradition de l’opéra romantique. La revanche de Monte-Cristo s’y exprime à travers les divers moyens d’expression de la musique classique, du jazz et de la musique pop. Des airs que vous n’oublierez jamais et des scènes au dramatisme à couper le souffle...

Where does music come from? Why does it touch us? Is Music a language? What are its signs made of, et what do they tell us? Why is contemporary music touching us less, or even scare us? Where is music going next? To answer those questions and many others, Frederic Chaslin invites us to a journey through the past a speculation to the future


D’où vient la musique? Pourquoi nous touche-t-elle? La musique est-elle un langage? De quoi sont composés ses signes, et que nous disent-ils? Pourquoi la musique contemporaine nous touche moins ou nous repousse-t-elle dans certains cas? Où va la musique? C’est pour répondre à ces questions et beaucoup d’autres que Frédéric Chaslin nous invite à remonter le temps et à scruter l’avenir....





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